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One secular humanist's perspective on his experiences cycling

This site offers snippets, both philosophical and physical, originating from my experiences in the cycling arena, into which I regularly enter to try and stay sane, and avoid sphericity, amidst the too cerebral, too chocolate and pepperoni filled, other hours of my days.

What may distinguish this site from others, is its focus on the interpersonal elements of the experience, rather than on bicycle technology, exercise physiology, or ride environment.

I hope my reflections, and other more tangible offerings, prove both entertaining and helpful (and in one case, if nothing else, at least allow me to vent).

David Durlach, July 2010



Reflected Cyclist




(In process. More to follow as time permits.)





  • 8/8/10: "I Welcome Drafting" T-Shirts great success. In less than 1 week of wearing on Minuteman bike path, has generated several spontaneous compliments, fun drafting experiences, and interesting conversations with interesting people. Get one yourself and join the fun!


(Below links not yet fully filled in 8/1/10)
  • Push and be pushed: Avoid frustration (and cost of tandem).
  • You wouldn't think it would be birds: Obstacles at 24mph.

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